Nola Slates started as a pet project for Sarah. Working on some tier projects that could not afford custom slates, she decided to make some herself. But this was the start of a growing business. After that, Sarah put in the R & D to make a better slate at an affordable price. Today, perfectionist Sarah is satisfied with the product produced backed by great customer service.




sarah bowman

Sarah has been a Local 600 2nd AC for more than 20 years. Started at a TV station at age 13, she has always wanted to be behind the camera. Now dedicated to providing great customer service and products at Nola Slates.


peanut, head fuzzy intern

Peanut has been with the company since its inception. As Head Fuzzy Intern, he is in charge of morale as well as rebel intern, Sox. Loves to play with sharp tacks and fetching tiny foam soccer balls.